Table Tonic

Table Tonic Assignment GuideTIMING: 1 – 2 minutes


  • To put the meeting on a bright, positive note and set the tone for the assignments to follow.
  • To give you the opportunity to speak with humour.


Remember that great joke you heard recently – start practising so you don't forget the punch line! If you have difficulty remembering jokes, canvas newspapers and magazines for amusing short stories.


  • Be ready at the lectern when you are called to give your assignment. Remember you are setting the tone for meeting – be enthusiastic!
  • Acknowledge the meeting and commence your assignment. Conclude by acknowledging the Chairman.


  • A joke (remember it should be in good taste and not likely to cause offence)
  • A humorous story or anecdote – perhaps about yourself, a family member, or friend
  • An amusing article – Readers Digest, newspapers and magazines often have suitable short stories


  • This is a short but important assignment so make the most of your time – be theatrical, inspirational, funny, uplifting and sparkling. It is a chance to use your imagination!

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